Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I don't know what to call it.

I had my Industrial Training Presentation today. Although it went well without any of the lecturers slamming me with crayzee questions, I still feel like it is one of the worst presentations that I have delivered in my life.

If I were to compare it my coursemates, I think they had done better jobs than me.

sigh~ What a letdown~

I'm beginning to hate this template. The colour is just to dull. I may change it anytime soon.

Or after I blog about the Redang trip. Just a teaser for you all out there:



  1. Sangat jealous ok! Finally you jejak jugak kaki kat Redang tu after a few years dekat T'ganu. When will the KJ-ian akan pegi? huhu...

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  3. >_< worst presentation? well..at least ur still better than me lar.. dun be too dissapointed.

    btw, :D that picture is damn cool. can't wait for you to blog bout the trip.

  4. ween,make arrangements for me for a holiday at redang end of this year for my 2008 honeymoon ok!!


    im serious tau..hahaha...urm,about the rooms,we can settle kat sana nanti ya..


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