Thursday, January 03, 2008

Big Bang

Folks, i'm blogging from Petaling Jaya.


Yes, i didn't go back to Kuala Terengganu as scheduled and i'd only leave in the morning. But i kept it a secret from all of my friends! =O

Sorry people!

Anyways, i dread going back to uni, because it's faaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr away from home and i DO NOT look forward to the food there (except from the works of my hands and unimates'). I feel a little lazy to start studying back again since i'll just end up forgetting all that i've learnt when the semester ends and plus, i dread exams (which student doesn'tlar weh?). And i wonder what the future holds me since i don't really know what field i am currently in. All i know that my friends said that my course sound choon.


But i realised that life HAS to go on no matter how much i kick up a fuss or sit on the ground and scream/cry my lungs out, clinging to my parents or the door of my house. After all, i've got all my precious friends there, and all the precious friends back here in PJ would love for me to graduate and hang out with them when all this shit ends.


To all those i didn't get to see before i leave, i'll see you guys back againlah ok? Besides, i'm only an 8-hour drive away and 1-hour flight away (trust me, i stay near the freaking airport, k?).

Now, moving along to the title of my post: Big Bang. It's actually a name of a new (ain't sure, but should bela) Korean group that my sister adores currently beside TVXQ. I'm not a big fan of them cos i don't really like the hip-hop style that much, but it's their style, so be itla.. but i like these 2 songs which videos i put up and a live versh of my most fav, We Belong Together, so check it out, people. And please watch This Love, you'll be darn surprised! [Hint: Maroon 5, This Love, Korean (improvised-hip-hoppish) version]

We Belong Together

Online Videos by

We Belong Together (live)

Online Videos by

This Love

Online Videos by

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