Sunday, November 04, 2007


I now have a facebook account.

*bangga for no apparent reason*

The flu/cold has gone, and i just finished my 2nd final exam paper which i won't get an A for since my carry marks are low and i'm just not smart.
Not that i care.
Nola... i'm bearing the consequences of being lazy at the beginning of the semester and doing adequate revision to help myself do well and plus, i'm not naturally smart. I'm a slow beginner, and i sometimes don't understand things that fast.

Like how i don't understand why the hell i was elected as the project director for the UMT open tournament WITHOUT my consent.


At times i thought, maybe i should just take the responsibility since i am, afterall, the president of the club.

But hey, if you have any respect for me as the friggin' president, should ask me first right?

ngong like gong.

Anyways, i like the tokidoki range of bags from LeSportsac *hint hint* but they cost a lot!

But i like leh.. especially the ones with this printing:


Cute no?


Such a lovely printing...maybe i should go to Petaling Street to find the imitation.

*goes off to study business*

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  1. hmm, let me know if you found one at petaling street. :D

    all the best in your exams. i'm a slow learner like you too. i suck when it comes to memorising. bleh~ but things tend to work out. you'll get by, I KNOW IT.



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