Thursday, November 01, 2007




And i luuuurrrrrvvvvvvveeeeeeee Novembers!

You know whyla.. *grins*

Caught with the flu/cold bug since i came back from KL. Although on the morning i reached, it only lasted till noon, it has gotten worse since yesterday morning! I was sneezing like nobody's business and my head was spinning around and my nose was (and stil is) stuck blocked! Was suffering really badly and i went through hell during my first paper.

Imagine to the horror of the examination officers/pengawas-es when they saw me rubbing my nose frequently with the good ole VICKS!

When i finished the paper, i decided to go to the uni's clinic to get myself some medication and was instantly asked by the med officers there where i came from.

Of course, the answers given were what i had always answered people:

Oh, saya orang Kelantan, tapi tinggal kat KL. Tok-nenek semua kat Kelantan.

And it amazes people when i speak in fluent Malay and i'm very proud of that.
(i am a Malaysian!)

Anyways, Dr. Murad gave some flu/cold medicine and sum vitamin C.

Came back home and played some games on neopets while having my light lunch of Jacob's and Cheese and sum hardened seaweed strips. Took my pill and went of to bed, although my nose was stilt stuck blocked.

And here i am, typing away this post, loving the month of November and sipping some hot tea to soothe myself. Feeling a bit dizzy though.. maybe now oni the meds are taking effect.

Alamak. A bit the wrong timing right?


Anyways, my first paper went well. Maybe can score if i hadn't done anything stupid.

So, til then... bwai bwai..

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