Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hitting 21

I turned 21 two days ago, and was celebrated by my uni friends with a cake after the clock striked midnight. Amidst some awkward moments (actually, i felt a little funny when everyone had their eyes on me while i was being sung the birthday song/making my wish/blowing the candles/cutting the cake, maybe not really used being the centre of attention.. =P), the card-playing activity was the best! We played in a very chaotic manner where almost everyone went back red-handed due to the constant hand-whacking! =D

Anyways, how did/do i feel turning 21?


Nothing much i guess. Felt like another day had just passed by and i definitely have no feeling or any physical/emotional signs that i turned 21.

Maybe to some, turning 21 marks a point where a person is mature enough to make decisions wisely and to have better thoughts and wisdoms. After all, why would our government make 21 as the qualified age to cast votes in the election, no?

To me, maturity is not marked by the numbers which we called age. I have seen numerous examples of homosapiens not acting their age, and one of them is me. Hence, i do not look forward to the times where people would make comments like, "aiyah, 21 already still cannot think for yourself ah?" or "act your age please" or the sorts.

I am still as childish as i was when i was younger. I cry when i get provoked, and definitely will be unhappy if things don't go MY way. I still depend on my parents and others to do certain things, and my lackadaisical + procrastinating attitudes are still far from evaporating into thin air.

But i believe that i am not the only one.

At times, i do wish to grow up. I do wish to be able to think properly before acting, to be able to make wise decisions, to be able to take care of myself and not worry my parents, to manage myself better and the list goes on and onla.

What was my birthday wish?

It was just a simple wish, less greedy than last year's. I wish for everybody's wellness.

That was it. No wish to go to Japan, wish to be happy, wish i could have this, wish i could get a car.. lalalala..


Signs of maturity?


I am 21.


  1. you and your wish(es)... :p

    happy 21st!

  2. XD nah.. i think you're really really mature. well, between us, siblings, you are the most mature one. >__> our brother.. can lah.. but still, maybe u didn't realised how mature you are already. plus, you're the best sister and daughter in the family. ;)


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