Wednesday, October 31, 2007


So i'm back in Terengganu for my finals which i have been dreading for quite a while. Have gotten some of my carry marks; weren't so impressive but i'm happily content.

I want to shop!

I so so so so can't wait to go shopping!!

If only i'm not having any personal financial difficulties.. and i hate asking my parents for money. I know my father works so hard and there are bills to be paid so why the heck do i have to like a lot of things?!!

Must. Go. Job-hunting.

I'm a bad saver. I need a personal finance manager. Which cost me none.


Anyways, wont be going to TVXQ/DBSK. Wont regret gwaaa....

I want to shop shop shop.

Ugh. Exams suck likes nobody's business.

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