Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I've been home since the 19th and it is supposedly the study week(s). It's not like i'm not studying or anything, but i can't seem to concentrate well.

Hope to finish this semester soon!

And i've decided to skip the concert and Langkawi all-girls trip with my coursemates since i financially disabled myself from any luxuries that i can't afford, or should not afford, or just plain don't need them.

I have been very stingy with my money, even when i saw a lovely white tube top in TOPSHOP which cost only RM39, and will definitely go well with my blue jeans or any of my slacks. Even Ernest was bugging me to buy it. AGHHH... stingy.

Saw a nice pair of peep-toe heels in Vincci but they didn't come in my size, so thank goodness! Or i would have been RM63.90 poorer.

I'm being prudent with my money, and i'm trying to save as much as i can so that i can go for my Japan trip and shop til my heart's content when the sale seasons come.

But it's a little impossible, and disturbing i must say, so i thought the best way is to get a job during my one month break. I dare say i would be spending my time at home (or going out) instead, since i'm a coward and a shy-cow and a choosey chooser when it comes to trying new jobs.

I don't want to do promoting for food stuff and work in Guardian againla. Should be trying new things, right?

If only my muka is more tebal and my determination in getting richer seeps into my brains unknowingly and voila! Give me any job, and i'll be sure to do it!

Bleah. I'm blabbing. But it's good to blab.


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