Sunday, October 07, 2007

Of a doinkhead and to go or not to go?

The 3rd semester of my tertiary education programme ended unofficially today after our 6th Test 2.

Why unofficially you say?

It's because one doink head lecturer who is still holding classes even after his second test!

I've never met a lecturer a bad as this doink head, and i believe that giving him poor assessment marks served him just right!

He's just ridiculously, ridiculouslah!


Anyways, i'm stil debating whether or not i shud go for DBSK/TVXQ's concert in Merdeka stadium (Linkin Park Meteora Tour revisited!) This is the floor plan that i managed to obtain from

I'm not sure if i'm willing to pay that much for them.


To go or not to go?

I'll definitely go if someone is willing to sponsore my tickets!


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  1. Go go!! meet them for me!!! XD if you got money only lar.. so expensive... >,< haih.. hope they do some autograph session at LEAST. Micky.. TT_TT


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