Friday, September 28, 2007


Giant Kuala Terengganu : Opened on the 26th of September 2007

First it was Secret Recipe. And then Giant came. What's next? Carrefour? =P

Anyways, i went on the 2nd day of its opening and it was packed! Like gila punya packed! But then still managed to spend over RM200.. =P

So broke..

Hmm.. so far i like it better than Mydin cos it has more variety of things.. and both hypermarkets are situated next to each other.

Talk about competition.


And not forgetting there's Guardian (with pharmacist!), KFC (again?!), The Chicken Rice Shop, Sen Heng, Rasamu (formerly known as Rasa Ayamas), Pizza Hut... but no Mc'Donald's!

Sad sad.

Neways, lots of work to be done so this is it for now..

Bwai bwai!

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