Friday, August 03, 2007


I had one of the busiest weeks this week and i'm exhausted.

I had 3 labs this week:
First, on Tuesday, for Materials Science, i redid my experiment (see Lab malfunction) since i couldn't do my 2nd experiment due to Shih-Quan's Pertandingan Puisi(UMT got 2nd place) =P. So i joined Bee Kee and Rainie to do their 2nd experiment which was my 1st! -there are 5 pairs for each experiment day and 5 experiments per day so each pair will alternately do an experiment every week-

The manual

My two lab partners Bee Kee and Rainie hard at work: folding paper edges! XP

I took charge of the PC! Huahuahua...

Thank goodness we succeeded in the experiment(which is an experiment of measuring tensile strength of papers!) If not i'd be crying and crying and crying... =P

Mun Yee working hard at hers and San San's experiment. がんばって!!

And when the day ended, we had a really good dinner to fill up our hungry tummies! Yay!

-makan time-

The next day, me and Shih-Quan went to do our 2nd experiment where we had to measure surface tension for different types of liquids: water, distilled water and acetone using some weird machine called the Sigma700(sound so yeng, eh?).

The very thick manual which we flipped through in less than a minute!

Looks evil too! =O

The essentials

Blasting the Duoy Ring with flames: we were supposed to do this everytime we changed the liquid. Another way to do it is by rinsing with methanol. Hmmm.. nak bunuh bacterias kot.

Hanging by the moment...

Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh... *kononnya amazed*

We accidently created a small havoc in the lab cos we burnt a piece of paper! Can't help that the lighter had little gas and i was having trouble with it so i thought burning a piece of paper and lighting up the burner was a gOod idea. It was a good idea, but we forgot to open the windows. So.. burnt smell+air-cond=panic in the lab! Practically scared the hell out of the lab people. Padan muka.

Burner: I'm innocent! *sobs*

Yesterday, we had our 1st Introduction to Sensors experiment and it was done in groups of 5! Shih-Quan had the 1st segment, while me and Yng Jiun got the 2nd segment cos we had only one set of gadget(sumthing which sounded like a snake). BoO-hOo!

Shih-Quan and group, trying to figure things out! ^^

Another yeng-looking thing

The Cobra3

Me and my labmates

The experiment didn't take us that long, it's just that we had some problems with finding the slopes for the graphs..

The 3 of us went to the bus(van) stop to get our ride home where we bumped into Feli and Kristen and ended up going to pasar malam to shop!

The 2 marine-rs! Look at their matching crocs!

Crazy schedule rite? Okayla.. i was exaggarating a bit.. and i had only an hour's worth of sleep which resulted by my endless act of procrastinating whereby i made my presentation slides the night(or the wee early morning) before i had to present it. Felt bad for my mind and body cos i haven't been treating them well eventhough Ernest kept asking/reminding me about it almost everyday after i was assigned with it! *sigh*


I have been eating a lot latelyla.

I realised yesterday that i can never control myself when it comes to home-cooked food.

Nowadays everytime we girls cook, my plate would always be the one where the leftover rice goes to and i also act as the trash can: i try to finish up all the dishes!

I think one of the causes is my mood.

It has been like a sine graph lately. I can get angry so suddenly, and then sad so suddenly, and then happy so suddenly.

I hate this.

But now i am unhappy. And alone at home.

If only he didn't promised them first.

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