Thursday, June 14, 2007


Happy 27th Birthday Fang! All the best in whatever you do and hope you'll always be happy!

Yesterday was mom's 47th birthday. Got her one of Secret Recipe's health cakes: the Peach cream one which disappeared completely this evening!! Whoa.. i didn't know that we're a bunch of healthy cake lovers!! Here's the cake, doesn't look so beautiful, but it tasted... BEAAAUUTTIIFFFUUULLL!! Chose the cake cos i liked it after tasting it for the 1st time *thanks to Ernest*.. and i love peaches! Hehehe..

My dad refused to put 4 big and 7 little candles on the cake! Scared it will ruin the cake.. haha.. ^^

Mom and a half-naked dad! Haha..

Ah.. yours truly got creamed!

Hope after tomorrow, things will turn out good between us. Please?

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  1. Alaa... ur mum's b'day but U got creamed. Sibuk je Ween nie. XD


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