Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More than 10

Finished my third paper an hour ago..


Since i'm darn bored.. so let me post some informative err.. informations for all of you (those who reads this blog anyways)

10 (or more) things you should know about WeeN

1. I love Orange Range (duh!..like it's not obvious!)

2. I hate cockroaches. No, i'm not afraid of them or anything.. i just hate 'em! Especially the ones that like to fly towards your face for fun..

3. I like to play with baby monitor lizards!

4. I lke to catch grasshoppers! The green ones only though.. the brown ones freak me out!

5. Eating gives me great satisfaction

6. I like to sleep

7. I think TOO much

8. I analyse things TOO much

9. I like ice-cream!

10. I cry very easily..

11. I love Orange Range.. hahaha

12. I have cravings for Secret Recipe cakes

13. My favourite song is (pronunciation: ha-na, which means flower) and is composed and performed by my favourite band, Orange Range!

14. My favourite movie is いま、会いにゆきます(pronunciation: Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu which literally means, Now, I Am Going To See You, but its English title is Be With You)

15. I like to be pampered by everyone!

16. I think Takuya ∞ of UVERworld is so HOT right now.. especially after watching their ゼロの答 video.. ehehehe... although his hair is shorter than it was before.. and i hated it at first... but i just love his voice!!!

17. I have watched イカ SUMMER!!! Yay Yay!!

18. I want to go watch Orange Range!!!

19. I wish to be beside my partner when i'm listening to during the Orange Range concert.. *romantic mode*

20. If i can exchange my brains (talents included!) with any of the Orange Range, it would be Naoto!

21. I love Orange Range!

22. I'm not religious, but i believe in God and religions

23. I like to buy a lot of lip glosses and nail colour, but hardly use them! =P

24. I splurge on Japanese mags which has Orange Range in them

25. I'm not really fond of talking on the phone unless it is very, very important, or i haven't talked to the person for a VERY long time, or i'm talking to my loved one(s)

26. オレンジレンジ大好きです!

27. When i fall for a guy, i fall really hard that i usually squash my face flat. HeeHee..

28. I am single and waiting

29. I think i'm short.

30. I like wearing heels, but i'm more comfortable in sneakers

31. I love bags!

32. I like hugs.

33. UVERworld is my second favourite band

34. I cry at movies

35. I dislike eating fish, but sushi's fine

36. I think i screwed something up this time.

*to be continued*

I can't remember want i want to type anymore.. anyways, i have watched Orange Range's new PV, イカ SUMMER!


I hate Yoh's overbushing beard in it...it's just tooooo bushy! Although it looks good on Mike Shinoda, but for Yoh..well.. i love Yamato's and Naoto's hair though.. very lovely.. Ryo's and Yoh's hair are very reggae.. But they are so crazy in that video! Especially the 3 vocalists!!! And they look so good in those Men-In-Black-suits and shades!

*falls in love*

I miss Katchan.

イカ SUMMER!!!

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  1. U were very brave today when Selene left. Didn't shed a tear!


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