Monday, April 23, 2007


GOOD...! (gotta say it like how Micky Yoochun (of THXQ) did, showing thumbs up sign)

Watched Wild Hogs today in 1 Utama. God, i miss watching movies! But the not-so-good part about it that the cinema was warm.. cheh.. anyways, had a great time out today.. *winks* And the movie.. ehehe.. funny movie, and it's goOd.. Well, when you have Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence.. and the Scrubs dude (i have no idea what his name is).. made a good choice today.. YAY!!!

I'm glad that i am back to my normal self.

I'm glad that i am able to put all those negative things that had happened to me in the past two semesters behind.

Now, i'm looking forward to my life, i'm gonna try to cherish what i have.. and just live life for the sake of living.. especially for the sake of my parents, the most important people in my life.. and for the sake of myself.

I'll try hard in everything that i'll do, and hope that whatever challenges that may come my way will be tackled wisely, maturely and erm.. efficiently?

I look forward to go to Japan to watch my oranges live in action, for it will be one of the things that will make me the happiest girl in this whole wide world!

Wow. I've never been THIS optimistic. But, hell it's a good thing! Life is precious, people!

Currently waiting to watch Death Note episode 13. Waiting for the file to load is a pain especially to a very impatient girl like me. Nonetheless, i have 1 day left back at home, so gotta use it wisely.. and especially i think my mom's a little upset with me for going out all the time.. (sorry, ma)

Watched a lil snippet of Namie Amuro's newest single, Baby Don't Cry, and i'm liking it so much. Was tempted to buy NANA 2 OST but i figured out that i don't really need it, unless i've got extra cash. Hwa Hwa. And BLOOD + will be aired on Astro's Animax starting on the 29th of April.. and i'm already downloading up til episodes 31!! Yeah Yeah!

Picture time!

Orange Range DVDs which i cherish and love so so much! My companions when i need to banish my loneliness!

Orange Range CD singles and albums! I've got both versions of the 4th album.. cool eh? 4 of the albums are imported from Taiwan, while ORANGE RANGE (on top, right) is imported from Japan! But i have only 2 of their singles UN ROCK STAR and SAYONARA.. so sad.. hopefully i can complete the collection one day! Then i'll be really, really proud of myself! Haha..

BLOOD ORANGE and CHEESE, BUTTER & JUICYMEE! Love these books very much for their photos! I hope that i will be able to read the contents of them one day.. *crosses fingers*

Orange Range-covered magazines! Only a few though.. and you can notice that i don't have any with Katchan.. so sad.. ='( wish i became a fan before Katchan had left.. Katchan, come back!

Japanese magazines! Cost me bombs.. and i bought them just because i saw the word 'Orange Range' on the cover.. haha..

I'm happily happy.

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