Monday, December 18, 2006

YEAH! Geisha music.. go ride on!

Today is Monday, the 18th of December, of the year 2006.

Thank God i'm not gonna be celebrating New Year in Terengganu.


Me and my four close coursemates had decided to runaway from KUSTEM to celebrate New Year back at home.


Anyways... KUSTEM ----> UMT/UNIMAT

No more Kolej Universiti Sains dan Teknologi Malaysia.

It's Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.

I thank the King for signing the papers. ^^

Classes have not started yet. Well, actually, one subject did. Digital Electronics. And we have a very young lecturer. When she first came into the class i thought she was one of our seniors. Haha. Very pretty. And tall tOo. My results. Well, i did better than my STPM thank God. I've never had a CGPA above 3.00 before so.. i'm kind of happy. And i have yet to tell my mom about it. Hoho. I watched Orange Range's DANCE DANCE feat. Soy Sauce PV and couldn't help laughing! Hehehe.. Yamato tried to rape Naoto!!! Oh-My-God.. i know that he's not been getting any shags lately.. but.. leave Naoto alone!!!!! And i get to see their shirtless bodies! That's very mood-lifting. XP

In addition, i got my NATURAL live 005 tour DVD and SAYONARA single on the day i left home.. luckily i checked the mailbox! I've watched the DVD thrice now.. and it's more energetic that their musiQ DVD. I watched in awe as Naoto changes his guitars parts in certain songs.. They made Kirikirimai sound more hip-hoppish, which was good! and how those 3 crazy vocalists rawked the whole Yokohama Arena.. Yoh moved a lot toO!!! Sakazuki Jammer.. Ryo was so kakkooiii!!! He can pass off as a member of a hip-hop group anytime! Yoh was dancing all around while playing bass! *sexy* and the tour offshots are so fun to watch! And at the ending credits, where they showed various pictures of the boys, me and my sister couldn't help crying when we saw Katchan in the photos. Very the heart-breaking woh to see Katchan.

I'm missing the happy, little drummer boy. ='(

Can't wait to go back home. Want to go to Kinokuniya and splurge!


  1. you've seen the hilarious video?~ hahaha~ i can't stop laughing when i saw that~! it's SO, SO funny~!

  2. Ah KUSTEM changed its name??
    I luff the new one now ~


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