Tuesday, December 12, 2006



My last few hours in Petaling Jaya for the year 2006.

I repeatedly told my close friends that i DO NOT want to go back there.

My second semester will start on the 17th, yet i am clueless about my semester exam results. Maybe, we'll get them a day before registration. Hoh.

I didn't get to meet my form 6 classmates (sorry, girls) but got the chance to meet up some of my close friends from high school in Selene's place. We had snacks, ice-cream, chocolate cake, jellys.. was practically indulging myself since i won't be getting any sOoper-doOper food in Terengganu.. unless we go trippin' in the good old town of Kay Tee.

Mailed Fang to update me on Orange Range featured mags so i can order them thru the phone and collect them after my 4 months end.. which is like next year. Haih.

In 7 hours' time, i'll be stuck in the car in the backseat with my 2 kick-ass-DBSK/TVXQ-lovin' sisters on almost an 8-hour journey to KUSTEM. Oh, jolly. Feel bad that my dad's driving.. he's gonna be tired after the whole journey to and fro.

I owe my parents a lot. Big time.

Hah.. i'm bored!!! I'm not gonna sleep. Still not done packing, and i need to clean up my room before i leave. It seems that my youngest sibling will be taking over my rOom. Well, as long as she doesn't mess around with my stuff.

Should i bring BLOOD ORANGE or CHEESE, BUTTER and JUICYMEE along with me?

it's Beautiful Day..
Bring. It. On.

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