Saturday, December 30, 2006


I'm lacking the passion (and patience) to study. Tried to study while going through my assignments but my mind went so blank that i wanted to faint. Or was it i felt like wanting to sleep?

I'm lacking the passion to study Japanese, although i really, really want to.. cos it'll help me understand Japanese songs better (especially Orange Range's) and it'll help me 'feel' Japanese movies better.. and of course, it won't hurt to assist me when i finally collect enough money to go to Japan.. which is in about 5 years' time.. or more.. >.<"

I'm lacking the passion for blogging. I'm not good at doing details.. and i know i bore people.

I'm lacking the passion for.. EVERYTHING basically.. even LIFE itself.

Maybe i'm just bored. Or plain lazy. Bleah.

Anyways, went shopping with Selene and James yesterday in Pyramid. Bought tOo much. ToO much!!! I bought a jacket, a sweater (radioactive!), some tops which are not colour-suitable for CNY and a skirt. And um.. yeah.. clothes that i don't really need.. for the moment. I guess i just wanted to blow off my PTPTN. Hwa Hwa.

I just found out that my bro owns a PSP. *envy*

I've been thinking of buying myself a digital camera... but i'm thinking that i ought to get myself a printer first.. if i can get one that can fit my bag to be brought back to uni..

Sis downloaded me a Mezamashi (i hope i got it right) TV which has got interview for NANA 2 and Mika Nakashima as NANA album The End and Orange Range talking about their album.. whheeee~~ sort of shed tears when i saw them.. hohoho.. and she downloaded Music Station Special Live 2006 of the boys performing Champione! and with KAT-TUN performing.. somethinglah..

Going to Berjaya Times Square in the day cos my sis wanna check out this shop that sells Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK/TVXQ/THSQ/whatever)'s stuff! She's like so crazy over those 5 Koreans. And she's attempting to make me a fan tOo.. unintentionallylah.. but still! They're cute, hot, have got good voices, coOl dancers and.. just.. really nice to loOk at.. but..

I love my oranges more. =P

Oh, and Yng Jiun's not gonna go see Bi (Rain) in January. The tix cost a BOMB! The most expensive is around RM800.. if Orange Range's tix cost that much i'll CRY! But i'll still go anyways..

Kinokuniya... here i come!

Now i better get to my Environment and Development essay. Pah!

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