Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Went to One Utama to watch Curse of The Golden Flower today with my 2 sisters and cousin.

Laughed a lot when we saw Jay Chou in that beard and all. Maybe because it's Cantonese subbed, so i don't really know how to rate Jay Chou as an actor. I didn't even watch Initial D. =P

But anyways, i got to give him a lil bit of credit. He has a potential in doing all those action-kung fu-fighting stuff. I think he's not that bad in fighting. It's just that he's still needs to learn how to potray emotions better.

The movie.. hmm... i thought that it was going to be full-kung fu-fighting-slash here-slash there-many wars type of movie.. but i was wrong. It was more of an emotional movie, family members going against each other.. *shudders* and filiel piety of a son to his mother.. (aawww... Prince Yen Jie was a good son). Chow Yun Fatt rocks!! Mwahaha.. i love Mr. Chow!!! Hate his beard in that show..>.<"

And not to mention the colours used... a lot of GOLD.. and the castle.. so colourful!!!!! I like the costumes.. Very beautiful.. but i kind of pity the actresses in the movie. Must had suffered a lot with all the push-ups and corsets.. OUCH.

I didn't cry during the movie though. Although the end's a bit sad.. and Jay's lovely number played.. i didn't. Surprisingly.

The moral of the movie: Don't try to bring down your king, especially if his your own father and uhm.. don't simply sleep around with anyone. He/She might turn out to be a sibling of yours. HeeHee.

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