Sunday, November 12, 2006

The rights to VOTE!

Alrighty then, for the love of Orange Range, i therefore plead with open heart that you people: Orange Range lovers, close friends of mine who knows my love for Orange Range and blog-hoppers to help vote for the appearance of Orange Range in the coming Best Artist 2006 event. If they get a lot of votes for Sayonara, then they will be able to perform the song at the show, and i want them to perform! Cos i love them with all my heart.. ~hehehe..

Here's the link: Best Artist 2006

Once you open the page, scroll below to look at the two boxes. One has the word 2006 on it, click on that one. The next page opens up fill in the 3 boxes. First box, put Sayonara, second one, Orange Range and the 3rd one, put your first impressions/thoughts and feelings the first time you hear the song. *If you want to hear the song, go to WeeN's Multiply Page, or else go to You Tube, search for Orange Range's Sayonara, and thus, you should be able to watch the heart-warming/sad videoclip too!*

~thanks to Yukimino~

Vote for them, alright? Onegaishimasu and arigatou gozaimasu in advance!

I want to watch Music Station! Agh! They all look so smashingly good! Especially Hiroki in black shirt and Naoto in white! And Hiroki played the acoustic guitar *melts* and a lot of people said that he had tears in his eyes during the performance! *sob sob* *hugs Hiroki* And Yoh look so nice in black too!

Loving Orange Range more and more each and every day!

Anyways, tried to be a good girl and stayed in the library from around 1pm till now, and i'm bumming meself in front ofthe library's PC. Apart from the very low temperature, the library's is quite not a bad place to do some last-minute cramming and soul-searching. *grins*

Isn't he so mighty fine? Oh my GOD.. *drools* This is so freaking unfair to Yoh.. i'm so sorry ^^ To Feli: Enjoy the pic, k?

By the way, i only managed to finish 'studying' one chapter on ways to bias a transistor. Hmm.. and the paper is on Tuesday.


I've set up my mine to buy myself Wang Lee Hom album set which has 2 DVDs of his Heroes of the Earth concert! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It's gonna cost me around RM80, but of.. what the hell.. hahaha.. and attempted on Yng Jiun's violin this afternoon but failed. My fingers were so.. unrelaxed. Haih.


  1. eh eh eh??? how you know????!!!!


    leehom rawks my socks off. lala~ =P

  2. the girl who wrote the comment before me is TERRIBLE!!! She is just FRIGGIN' addicted to Lee Hom.... But Angelinge, you're different... ahahahhaha.........


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