Saturday, November 18, 2006


Hello, people.. i'm back!

I've been back home since the 16th and i'm feeling wahey! GREAT!

Jiun followed me back home and the next day itself (on the 17th), we went off to 1U, with a mission in mind: to get myself Wang Lee Hom's Heroes of Earth concert 2CD+2DVD set!

But before that, i had a little bad luck: I lost my wallet while i was browsing around in 1U. Yeah! Everyone knows that i'm the most careful person and yet, i lost my freaking blue Roxy wallet! I felt like a train banged me right then and there.
The five of us started our hunt, with Yng Jiun and Shih-Quan reporting the whole incident to the CS counter. Oh, but what the heck, i lost hope... my IC, driving licenses, bank cards, NS card.. AGH!

And today, amazingly i received a call from a girl who found my wallet (well she and her mom found it) and i was so relieved! We collected it in 1U (with me dressed in shorts and a big tee, which was just weird) and after that, i went and spent my money in Momoe. Hoho. The results:

Shopping is a very, very good therapy.. and to top it all, me, Yng Jiun and Mun Yee, had some cuci mata activity at the Shihlin Taiwanese Snack food shop. One of the guys working there is so HOT! I mean, HOT! He has a goatee, and earstud, a close crop and his arms.. Oh.My.God. Wow.

Chili-n Out! We had our lunch in chili's! Mwahaha..

Would like to upload more photos.. but i can't.. i'll put em up in my multiply..


  1. so...

    did you get the leehom heroes of earth concert dvds??

    hahaha! how much is it anyways? going to kl to get it too.


  2. How careless of you.... you should becareful next time.... lalalalala.......


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