Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Juniors, eerie incident.. etc

"See you guys later.. don't bully the juniors ah..." said my roommate Quan, to my two other roommates, Jiun and Yen, and also one of course mates, Poo Poo.
Today is the day where all the 2nd intake kids come in.. that's whyla..

Got so pissed off with the library's guard this afternoon. I was denied entry since i wore my heels without straps at the back. I was like, "WTF?! I wore it like a week ago and no one stopped me!" Shit.

Had our first Analogue Electronics lecture. It was supposed to be a 2-hour class but the lecturer did all the introduction in one hour. She speaks too fast in my opinion. And i must be well prepared for her next class. She called out names one weh!!!!

Anyways, told my sis to download Orange Range's new single, "Un Rock Star" for me.. i want to hear it so badly... uhuhuhuhuhuhuhu...

All is well on my side.. so worry not my dear friends.. though i miss home. There will be no classes tomorrow since it's the Sultan of Terengganu's birthday! Some students bought tix to go back including Poo Poo... so jealous... but me no wanna go back cos it'll be very tiring..

Did i mention i have met Felicity a.k.a SilveRaven? I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ She's staying in the same block as me!!!!

Finished my first assignment the night before i was supposed to hand it up... nothing big.. just a biodata form... i even mention how i love Orange Range!!! Mwahahaha...

Have decided to go back in September.. since the KUSTEM Open (Taekwondo tournament) had been pushed to the week before fasting month.. Me and Jiun are in charge of registration.. can see all the leng chais. YEAH!!!!!!

Oh, some creepy news.. since it has been a thingie that whenever you go to uni, there will be some freaky things happening.. and it happenend in my room!!!! *guffaws* Okay, since Jiun got her parcel from her family a few days ago (Taekwondo uniform, shin & arm guards, noodles, Ambi Pur thingie, Korean drama DVDs.. etc) the four of us have been enjoying this show called Palace, which we played on Quan's laptop. We watched til like 12 something last night and enjoyed it very well, i.e. laughing our heads out loud... yada yada.. and after we got into our beds, maybe a few long minutes or so.. i noticed that the fan slowed down so i thought that the electricity went off. But since it spun again as usual after that.. i thought nothing big had happened and so i continued sleeping. But i noticed that Yen (who sleeps above me) hardly moved around (she usually shakes the whole double decker bed when she moves) but i didn't think bout it much.. until lunch time today when Yen confessed that she actually saw some white thingie flying across our room. And Quan said she had shivers down her whole body when the whole incident happened. Of course, since me and Jiun sleep on the lower beds, we only heard the slow-then-speed-up spinning of the fan. Well, i'm just gonna pretend that an angel actually passed by yesterday night. But the four of us vowed not to watch shows til late at night anymore. We don't want to be pissing off 'anyone'.

So, hmmm.. i've had my eyes on some cute guys.. haha.. but i shall not elaborate cos i'm here to study.. hohohohoho... *whacks head*

Hie everyone, thanks for the comments, hope everything is well on your sides.. Take good care of yourselves and i wish i could chat with all of you.. ='( One hour of PC usage in the library is definitely no enough to satisfy my 'hunger'.. uhuhu...

For the anonymous who asked me what song is playing on blog, it's actually called Hait! Moshi moshi.. Natsu des by Orange Range (okay, they didn't sing it) taken off their remix album, Squeezed. Glad you liked it. It's such a cute song, right? Makes me happy!!!!

OHMYGOD!!!! Just saw the cover for UN ROCK STAR and laughed my head off!!!!!! So funny!!!!!!!

Hahahahahha... i'm smiling like an idiot and i'm pretty sure that other students are thinking about the level of my sanity... how they matched Orange Range's heads with bodies of other people's... ehehehehehehe...

I love Orange Range! No doubt about it!!!

And i miss all of you!!!!!

I miss you, miss you, miss you.
I miss you like crazy...


  1. thank you very much for telling me the song title. Now, i'm start to interest on Orange Range after reading your blog.
    arigatoo gozaimasu. mata aimashoo.

  2. hahah..u all just entered uni already got

    man..that incident's pretty scary wei... hope u guys brought sumthing holy there =)


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