Thursday, June 15, 2006

Going overboard

I've just finished watching John Q starring Denzel Washington. Such a sad show..

I mean.. being pressured so badly until he was forced to do something beyond his will.. like one of the characters said, ".. it's like backing him up to the wall and doing nothing about it.." (or something like that). Thank goOdness he did NOT pull the trigger. I mean, even if he did, and his heart went to his son, i wonder how is Mike gonna survive his life. He'd be haunted by the fact that his father killed himself so that he could get a new heart. I cried a lot during the show.. when John answered after being asked on what his plans were by the one of the hostages.
"I've got no plans. I'm just waiting on a miracle." And some girl got banged! Haha.. ^^" The police chief suck! He sent a sniper to bring John down. Such a bad decision made. But maybe i would toO.. since i have no idea what was going on in the hospital..

Anyways goOd show. *claps*

I wonder what will happen if i was in his situation?

Found out that Fang got the card that i sent her. YAY!

LoOking forward for I am Sam this Friday on TV3. Been wanting to watch it. Sean Penn + Dakota Fanning = must be a winning combination!

Stomachache eh. It's tough being a girl. Bluerh.

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