Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Count my lucky stars


I should count myself lucky for being able to go to a government university. Plus, the fees are affordable though i am still going to apply for PTPTN, since i don't want to burden my dad.. he has to fork out some money to get me a laptop! Although i didn't ask for it.. i do need it.. i just thought maybe i will be okay with the PCs that the uni provide.. Bluerh.. so guilty now.. Have to start shopping for clothes! Seems that i have to wear formal wear to classes.. i.e. slacks, buttoned-up collared shirts, knee-length skirts, covered shoes.. yada yada.. so ma fan...

Sad infos for me:

* Pak Wan will only be back on the 20th of July.. so she won't see me off then.. i don't know when am i gonna get to see her once she comes back from UK.. my first semester back only starts in November 19th.. 4 weeks' break.. I'm gonna be in Terengganu for 4 months!!! I think i might survive.. i went for National Service didn't i? XP

* Tomoki is coming down to KL in September!!!! and i might not be able to see him.. uhuhuhuhu.. my first Japanese friend.. so sad.. i can't see him.. the only break i have in September is a one week break.. which i might use to go back to Kelantan.. if i feel like it loh.. or else i might just stay in my hostel.. and.. STUDY? Haha.. joker! I can't imagine myself studying.. hohohoho.. But still, i want to meet up with Tomoki! He told me to think of what i would like from Japan but i told him that i just wanted him to travel down here safely.. pai seh mah.. and he told me that he'll get me magazines which feature Orange Range on them! YIPPPPEEEEEE!!! So nice of him..

Anyways, introduced him to Orange Range.. he said that if he was a girl he would pick Ryo!! And he called me the God of Orange Range fan.. haha.. i am definitely not the biggest Orange Range fan.. i think the title should go to someone else..

My skinny SUPERMAN! Don't want him to build up muscles.. like him the way he is.. Tall and skinny.. ^^

*wink wink*

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