Sunday, June 11, 2006

Continuation from the previous post..

The fearsome fivesome.. eh sounds funny.. ^^

An advert on Blood Orange

There's a small column for Orange Range! This month it's by Hiroki ^^ There's a Ryukyudisko column toO! Quite funny that Naoto's twin brothers named themselves RKD1 and RKD2.. xp

And some other misc artists:

Takuya of UVERworld (in the purple BANANA CHOCOLATE tee) and T. M. Revolution. I didn't know that T.M.R. has been in the entertainment industry for 10 years already!

High and Mighty Color! Also from Okinawa (like Orange Range).. i'm not a big fan of them but they're okay for me..

Little tid-bit:

Ahhh.. the cute frontman of Remioromen. I think his name's Ryota. He has cute dimples. ^^

Gotta scoOt. Been on for toO long.

Couldn't watch Walk On. Dang!

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  1. hey you!

    Great seeing you the other day...pity we din get to talk much ur header. niceee...


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