Saturday, June 24, 2006

Beli yang ORI

I listed down what i need.. but it loOks like the shortest list ever been listed by a uni go-er. Heh.

Anyway, got side-tracked and went to Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu's English site by TBS.

The synopsis made me sad.. And i have to watch it again before i go off! Oh.. and i think i am not gonna bring my CDs along with me.. hey, i don't know what kind of people i will be meeting over there.. So i'm gonna do something very illegal.. nah.. nothing to do with burning.. erm.. it's more to copying.. Hohohoho.. Hey! At least i bought original CDs. I always buy original CDs!! and VCDs/DVDs!!! not so sure bout my family members though.. ^^

My sis borrowed 1 Litre of Namida (1 Litre of Tears) from someone.. so i'm gonna watch it soon.. and i'm gonna move Lunch Queen to my laptop so that i can watch it when i'm bored. Hopefully, i'd get the DVD-device thingie so that i can transfer all my Orange Range DVDs toO!!!
Gotta go off now.. Mom's taking me to Carrefour..

Let the shoppings begin!!!

I'm gonna miss you little fella!

HOTTIE alert! I love this guy so so so much.. seriously..

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  1. Hello!! Sorry I haven't come here for a while, kinda busy. I heard of that "1 litre of tears" sounds good! hope you enjoy it. Oh my gosh that hamster is the most kawaii little thing in the world!! I think I saw photos of it before in Lene's blog? So kawaii~ I want one!! I'll try come and post here more often okies!


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