Monday, May 29, 2006

Love and peace, come on.. YUMEJIN!!!

Happy? Of course!!!!

I have an announcement to make.. *clears throat*

Orange Range has won Best Album of the Year award for their album Natural at the MTV Video Awards Japan 2006!!!!!!!!

Sugoi neh.. i feel so happy for the boys..

Congratulations Orange Range!!!

I wanted to post this news on the forum, but i can't access it right now... uhuhuh

Anyways, very the happy, i am for the boys.. i have been worried all day.. but i'm glad.

Am i overreacting? I feel like celebrating!!!! Woo-heee... joy to the world!!!! YAY!!!!

I'm gonna be in a good mood all week. Unless somebody spoils it! Hehe..

Orange Range, congratulations! Gambatte yoh! Keep on making music, because you guys make me happy. And thanks for all the happiness you guys have given me. Hontouni arigatou.

I'm too much.

To Fang: Thanks, i got confused. I like Hanasou. XD

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  1. WAh!!! Omedeto Gosaimasu!!!

    Congrats to them wei...


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