Monday, April 24, 2006

Proudly, i walk on

* Currently listening to Walk On - Orange Range *

I have yet to recover from yesterday. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing at work, thinking of YOH's preference on busty girls. =P Whatever rows your boat, dear.

I've heard Walk On.. YEAH! Such a nice song. It made me smile. AAAHHHHHHH!!! I can't wait for the movie. I love Orange Range. I really do. I wish i could shout it out on top of my lungs.

Crying out love for Orange Range, from the center of the world

Speaking of Crying Out Love, From the Center of the World, bought the drama's DVD for my sister. I haven't watched it yet. I think i'm gonna wait til i'm done with my job. =P

Aiyoh, i'm full of mixed emotions now. The song is playing and i feel like crying when the first part came out. Ryo's part, that is.. i dunno why. I love the bass parts! I love the drums parts! I love the guitar parts! I love the ending with the traditional instrument (dunna what it's called)! Love the vocals! Maybe i love Orange Range tOo much.

I wish lala
Kimi ga wara ewa
Sekai chu na minna happy naka
I wish lala
Say hello to what's waiting
La la la la la la la ~
Cross road.. la la la la
Cross road.. la la la la


  1. YEAY!! er..O___O;; WeeN is going Orange Range craze again.. XD hahahaha...

    "Crying Out Love for Orange Range, from the center of the world.. "

    wah.. 'tambah-tambah plak.. 'XD YEAY~~ Arigatou for the DVD!! that story is cho sad... T__T i want to see ULURU! YEAY~~

    I LOVE Walk On!! I think its going to be one of my most fav Orange Range song!! XD and in school, i keep singing..

    I wish lala..
    Kimi ga ware ewa,
    Sekai chu na minna happy naka..

    XDD cho NICE-su song!!!

  2. i juz downloaded dat song into my comp. very nice!!!!! :D cant really hear the song, coz sis is sleeping and the bass of the speaker is kinda loud. will listen to it tomolo. "Crying Out Love, from the center of the world" <-- izit a nice movie/drama? heh heh... in school, i randomly sing any Orange Range songs dat suddenly pop in my mind. lalala... my fren said that i'm going crazy... coz i'll only sing when i can't stand my teachers' boring lessons. or when she gives us too much hw. or when me & my fren juz gone plain crazy! hahaha....

  3. where did u get ur Walk On from? my version cacat sikit! >_< like it was taken from a radio station. care to give me the link to the song? :D arigatou gonzaimasu.


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