Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I'm so sorry i forgot..

I have to smack my head. Seriously. How can i forget the sexiest-bassist-of-all-time's birthday? Oh, well.. Yoh of Orange Range turned 22 on Sunday (December 11th 2005).


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Hope you'll have a great year ahead!
Ah.. life has been hectic these few days.. Work is okay. Not TOO bad, but could have been better. AGK! I'm complaining leh..
I have no idea on what to blog nowadays. I thought on starting some CD reviews. Well, i did begin with Machi's newest album Superman/Chao Ren, but i haven't been able to complete it. I suck at reviewing/describing stuff.
My sister bought Moon Child and Hyde looked so cute! I never thought Gackt and Hyde could speak Mandarin but Hyde sound so cute when he's conversing in Mandarin. KAWAII! and sugoii too! Wang Lee Hom is in it too. He looked so HOT with the hairstyle. But then, Hyde's the CUTEST of all! Of course, you can't compare him with Ryo, Hiroki, Yamato, Naoto, Yoh or even Katchan. He has a class of his own and Orange Range members are good-looking in their own ways. =o) Oh, just freaking shoot me, will ya?

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