Sunday, July 10, 2005

AB? or B+?

For all these 18 years, 8 months, one day of my life i have always been told (and believed) that my blood type is B+. Imagine my horror when during the blood donation drive in school today i found out that i am actually an AB! *guffaws*
My parents, esp. my mom is freaking out right now and she wants to take me to see a doctor for an explanation. I am certainly quite confused myself. It is possible that your blood type can change when you've grown up? A bit weird innit?
Anyways, i'm happy that 450ml of my blood is going to be used to help someone one day..=P I've heard numerous horrible stories about the after-effects of blood donating but as far as i'm concerned, i don't think The Big Guy up there would want to punish me with something horrible for donating my blood to help other people. I mean, i'm doing something good, rite? So, i'm happy! But i'm feeling a lil bit funny all over tho.. luckily i managed to reach home safely (yes, i drove to school!).. i'm having a lil headache and i'm itching all over. Why leh heh? (tjl, tjl..)

I've been thinking about writing a lil piece of story/novel/composition.. i love typing, man.. but i'm not so sure where to start.. or what is it going to be about.. hmmm..

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  1. Heh heh...

    DOn't be so shocked la. Maybe ur parents remembered wrongly or *gasp* maybe ur blood samples were mixed up! =)

    According to my dad, many ppl get really worked up over this blood issue cos they don't understand the combinations. (AO, BO, OO..blablabla)

    But keep me informed ya? =P


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