Sunday, June 26, 2005

Confused..i am..

I. Don't. Get. It. I watched Malaysian Idol yesterday and got the biggest shock of my life. My fav idol wannabe, Kar Wai (dunno correct spelling or not) got kicked out and didn't make it into the top 24! What the hell?!! The three judges praised her... and even Paul Moss said he was so 'kagum' ( i can't recall what he really said but i seriously remembered what the subtitle stated and i don't have any horrible eye problem when i'm watching tv). I am really confused. And i got even more confused when the non-deserving ones got in! Aiyoo...whatla.. Was it some sort of an evil plan to spice up the show?...hmmm... but still... She's not in? But she sang well, didn't she? How often do you get a chinese who can sing malay songs properly? And she can still smile and said she failed! Oh..dear.. the judges had been bombarding her with false hopes.. i can still remember her reaction when the judges announced that her group didn't make it.. Nevermind, keep on going girl!

Something's wrong with my PC. (obviously when that fella said we need to upgrade to 516RAM)
And surfing the net is such a big chore that i'm feeling a lil bit reluctant to do it. Why waste my time when i can use it to study or something, rite? hehe.. I get tired easily nowadays. I guess oversleeping and overeating is really, really bad for your health. (now you know!)

^around 4 months to STPM^

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