Thursday, January 06, 2005

What a day..

Finally! My own blog.. i'm not really sure of how to use this thing.. but this is cool..
Went to school today.. had a really bad day.. couldn't understand a single shit! It kinda made me rethink of what i wanna do with my life.. maybe i'm not suitable doing science subjects.. Maybe i should just go ahead and do mass comm like what i had planned.. haihz..
I love my mom! I should start telling her that.. She accepted the fact that i'm no genius when it comes to studies and advised me to do my best in STPM.. even if it means getting only 1A! (!^_^) But still.. you know.. i can't afford to have.. like 'GAGAL'(failed) in my cert, rite? That would be horrible! What if no universities would want to take poor WeeN in? *sobz*
I guess nothing in life is a piece of cake.. unless you're a really smart ass!
Jia youh, WeeN! You CAN do it! (me think =p)
I wonder how's everyone doing?

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Yeah! You can do it! Hahaha...

    Cool blog btw... Keep it up!


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