Thursday, January 13, 2005

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail..

AND as usual i failed to prepare for my Maths T1 test on Chapter 3 today.
It's not to say it was THAT tough..but i was too darn lazy to study...ehehe..
School has been on for a week and i havent paid my STPM fees yet.
Chinese New Year is coming soon so that's a very good sign. Shopping at last! And i'm gonna be skipping school so that we could spend more time during the holidays, visting relatives..eating and getting fat. I wonder if my mom's side of the family plans to cook rendang again this year? And angpaos are gonna be piling high! Finally i can go and get a new CD least.
My bro sold off his N-Gage and got a new Sony Ericsson K700. Screw him!
Overall...things are going on pretty okay for me.. but i feel like there's something more that i can do.
I don't mind being picked among the NS pioneers to be sent off to Aceh. That would be a really worthwhile thing which i can be proud of when i get old. But i mentally and emotionally prepared for it? I don't think so.. Even watching the news on tv on all the victims of the 26/12 tragedy made me cried so badly.. Just imagine if i was really sent there..
*My heart goes out to all the 26/12 victims..and everyone else affected..may GOD bless each and everyone of us*
Oh..haih..i still haven't watch any of Machi's new videos..except for the one of Jeff and Stanley hurling insults to each act of brotherhood i guess.
And i'm still as clueless and confused as i was before.

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  1. elo!
    Ween...clueless n confused? ahaha...u don't look it...

    Hey, you should go n get one of those tag boards. Then can kacau u online =)


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