Saturday, December 09, 2017

Japan 2017: Tokyo Skytree

After Sensoji, we made our way towards Tokyo Skytree.

Tokyo Skytree or me?

We walked along Kaminarimon Street and crossed the Sumida River.

the goldish building with grey top and the small black one with a gold "flame" are the Asahi Beer Headquarters

Sumida River - i can just stand here and just let my thoughts wander..
That's the Tobu Skytree Line track crossing the river

The blue bridge is for the Toei Asakusa Line track

After crossing the bridge, we turned left and walked along the river, passing in front of Asics Connection Tokyo, a place to after running along the river because there's a cafe! Also has a yoga studio for you yogis. They have a run/yoga program scheduled at the place but no fitness equipment whatsoever because it ain't a gym y'all.

Suddenly running by Sumida River doesn't sound bad. Maybe I should quit my job and move here.


Sorry no photo of the cafe/store, just letting you all imagine how we walked to Tokyo Skytree haha

When we approached the Tobu Skytree Line track, we could see this amazing image of Tokyo Skytree.

The sky was slowly getting dark (about 6-something in the evening).

That fluff of cloud

Tokyo Skytree growing on me LOL

It was less than a 2km walk from Kaminarimon (the red tanglung gate).

Ok my main purpose to Tokyo Skytree besides taking photo of the tower is actually this:

Pokémon Center!

If only someone could have capture my expression when I saw this entrance!

Look at all the Pikachu goodies! If I weren't on a tight budget I would have gone crazy spending all my money!

Look at the mugs! The bowls! Even the sauce plates! *cries*

What I ended up getting.. quited battered and bruised already in less than a year

Yes plushies too

There's also the copper coin machine.

The 3 designs available

So if your looking for Pokémon goods to satisfy your Pokémon cravings, please head over to any of the 11 Pokémon Centers! There are also edible goods such as sweets, crackers and cookies!

Spent almost an hour admiring all the stuff there before walking around.

I used to be crazy about Hello Kitty too, but not so much now.

I'm fond of this lazy egg actually:

Gude tama tama
Gude tama tama

Oklah take photo with Kitty-chan too

Before we left, we actually to just drop by Family Mart for dinner (save money mah!). But we passed by this restaurant before we went up to Pokémon Center and we intentionally walked by it again before leaving..

So yeah, Sora Tora Ya on the first floor of Tokyo Solamachi, the shopping area that made up the base of Tokyo Skytree (something like Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur).

My sister ordered a pork bun while I..


Hot rice mixed with raw egg with a dash of soy sauce.. it's just heavenly. If only I could sprinkle some seaweed, or furikake. I'm salivating thinking about this.

I'm not sure how safe the eggs are here in Malaysia to be eaten raw so I ended up half-boiling them before putting on my rice when I feel like eating tamago kake gohan.

But not same feeling one lah. Maybe it's my rice?

Recently read about the availability of pasteurized eggs though! Might give them a try with some good Japanese rice and Japanese soy sauce and seaweed and furikake and and..

I should stop.

Actually the main thing that attracted us to the restaurant was the huge gyoza that we saw on a board at the entrance.


We ordered to have 3 pieces each wtf. But they were so juicy, so gooooooodddddd...

Look at the filling!

So, no regrets there.


Signing off with this photo of the tower, hope to be back! I'm not sure I would go up the tower because I heard the queue is super-long and I have no patience (ahem ahem!) but yeah, I'd love to be back.

I don't mind going back to Japan every year!

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