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Singapore 2017: RADWIMPS 2017 Asia Live Tour in Zepp@BIGBOX

So I attended the first concert of RADWIMPS 2017 Asia Live Tour, which was held in Zepp@BIGBOX, Singapore!

Zepp@BIGBOX was previously MEGA BOX Event Hall in BIG BOX. It's reachable via Jurong East MRT station.

Apparently the band arrived the same day as I did (on Saturday) but in the evening. I was so tempted to wait for them in the airport but I had no idea which terminal they'd arrive and I had dinner plan with my family.

Doors were scheduled to open at 6 pm, so they only allowed queuing at 5 pm. I was hanging out with my brother and his wife-to-be so I only managed to arrive at the hall at a little bit after 5 pm. 

Should have gotten there earlier because I was at the 5th line already. When I arrived things got a bit chaotic with the security urging the line to move back to allow space.

I guess some people weren't listening (or maybe some didn't understand!) so they started shouting.


After a chaotic moment, we were told to sit, and advised to go to the toilets (by this sweet auntie staff) since there weren't any toilets inside the hall.

that woman standing in the middle is the sweet auntie! :)

I just minded my own business, reading tweets when I saw Yojiro's tweet a photo from inside the hall. So I replied with the photo above and guess what?

He replied.

With two smiley emojis.



I was so happy but I had no one with me. I think if there were someone with me I would have screamed hahaha

I was floating with happiness. I wanted to talk to someone, anyone.

Suddenly I exchanged eye contact with a Japanese girl lining beside my row. I smiled at her and since I noticed her friend was wearing the rubber bracelet from Human Bloom Tour 2017 goods, I showed mine.

And that's how I ended up chit-chatting with the two girls (I hope they will share photos we took together) who flew in from Nagoya for the Singapore show. I even showed them Yojiro's reply hahaha

Oh and and they said I don't look my age at all hahahaha #doublehappiness

Anyways, at 6 pm, we were let in bit by bit, the staff scanned our tickets and when I saw the crowd I knew I had no chance to be in front of Yojiro. So I thought of being at Yusuke's side. Then I remembered that in Budokan I was already at his side so I decided to walk over to Akira's side and yeah, there weren't many people. I positioned myself behind the first row but my mistake was leaving a gap when I sat. Then these two girls came and sat in front of me wtf.

But I just chill.

Announcement were made, there were warnings on prohibition of video/audio recording, photographing and light sticks etc. About 8 minutes before 7 pm everyone stood up, background music were still playing.

stage view when I was sitting down

About less than 5 minutes to showtime, everyone started standing up. And then we could hear the band's signature cheer/feet-stomps from the backstage!

At 7 pm, the lights went off and the familiar opening music which I heard during Budokan was played and the band came out!

I couldn't believe I was seeing them again!

They kicked off with Lights Go Out, followed by 夢灯籠 which made everyone who watched Your Name screamed! Then I was expecting 光 so I screamed that and...

They played 前前前世.

Malu aku.

Other songs played were AADAAKOODA, トアルハルノヒ, 棒人間, DADA, おしゃかしゃま, ます。and 05410-(ん).

Yojiro greeted the audience and mentioned that the last time they were in Singapore, the audience had only about 200 pax.

"And most of you.. did not come that time"


It was great hearing him speak in English, although at times the messages got lost a few times haha

I mean, his pronunciation is great, but I think he translated stuff in his head while he talked so sometimes we didn't quite get what he wanted to say. Like when he said he didn't understand how multiracial the country is.. he was actually asking a question!

Because the audience were quiet and listening attentively to him until he went, ".. anyone?"

The audience ended up laughing.

Yojiro: How many of you all know English?
Audience: *majority hands up, screaming*
Yojiro: How many of you all know Chinese? 
Audience: *majority hands up, screaming again* 
Yojiro: ... *dumbfounded* I DON'T UNDERSTAND


Sometimes he ended up speaking Japanese but he said that it's okay if we didn't understand, he just needed to let it out. Haha.

They performed トレモロ as well! I remember how I didn't pay much attention to the song when I listened to RADWIMPS 3 but after seeing their performance in the DVD that came with 人間開花 I was hooked!

And my wish to watch them play 洗脳 came true! I love how Yojiro changed his style of singing compared to the one in the single. He did dance but I must say compared to Budokan, he was quite tame.

As usual Yojiro played デート, but only the first 10 seconds and they moved on with スパークル which made everyone cheer and go all nostalgic.

Before playing 君と羊と青, as usual Yojiro lead the crowd to do the "heeeeyyyy hooooo"s and then he wasn't satisfied (me too actually hahaha) so he said:

"The last time when we came, the 200 people did better than this..
So do you know what this means?

HAHAHAHAHAHA OK I really never expected him to say that!

Yusuke got to speak in Chinese and he was so cute! I couldn't get his Chinese name though..

Akira spoke in English and introduced himself. He said that he learnt English "..since yesterday!"

When Yojiro said he was lying, Akira said, "Yes, I'm liar!" haha he promised to work harder in learning English. LOL I love these boys.

They left the stage after performing 有心論 (YESSSSSSSS!) and the audience shouted for encore. I tried singing もしも but nobody followed along so the "encore!" chant continued until Yojiro came out alone.

He asked if he could play something alone, and the crowd cheered. I started shouting 蝶々結び and おあいこ but surprise surprise he ended up playing 週刊少年ジャンプ!

It was so beautiful! His voice was so great!

The he called the other members out, they performed なんでもないや. Before the song he asked whether the audience knew them because of Your Name. The audience said "NOOOOOO..." and he grinned before saying "It's okay you don't have to lie"


And they were supposed to play another song for their last song because Yojiro changed to another guitar.

But the audience started requesting for いいんですか? and he went "マジで?"

The other members okay-ed, and the staff too so they ended the concert with it.

l-r: Yusuke, Mori, Yojiro, Toshiki and Akira


Yeap. Pretty much will watch them again. But I think I might reserve next year for UVERworld.

We'll see what happens!

Actor Yu Shirota was also Singapore! I'm not sure if he purposely followed the band or had some other matters..

You can read YAHOO! Lifestyle Singapore's coverage on the concert here. For official photos from the concert, head over to JMF FB page.

They have also completed their Hong Kong, Bangkok (here's the link for their interview before the show, but it's in Thai), Seoul and Taipei shows (article here) and what is left is their Shanghai concert on 12 July, in the Mercedes-Benz Arena. For tickets go here!

For more photos, I suggest following RADWIMPS official IG and Yojiro Noda's IG.


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