Thursday, January 21, 2016

Siem Reap 2015: Prasat Taney and Wat Thmey

Initially our itinerary for the first day would be watching sunrise in Angkor Wat, visiting Prasat Bayon and romantic sunset watch at Prasat Pre Rup. However we realised that it was too much so we postponed Prasat Pre Rup to the next day. Our guide ended up bringing us to an abandoned temple called Prasat Taney (or Taney Temple).

When we reached the location (i am sorry I have no idea where it is but it's still in Angkor Thom) it was just us and nobody else. You know that feeling when you enter a forest or a jungle during your school camp?

That feeling.

He even told us to venture on our own while he stayed by the car since there would be no one disrupting our photography activities.

Contrary to Angkor Wat and Prasat Bayon, Prasat Taney was left to a point that trees grew surrounding/around it, shading the area from as much sunlight as possible.

Although it looks ruined now, I noticed a sign that mention there is a restoration plan. If I'm not mistaken the works were undertaken by the Japanese government (feel free to correct me!).

what an odd posture

kalau jatuh memang malu

I feel so small

I must admit, ruins aside, Prasat Taney is a very good place for some photography. It's quiet AND deserted. And the walls are really good for OOTDs I must say, not that I took any.

under different lightings, this tree looked silver-ish


The Random Quartet first single jacket cover #wtf #lol

As a finale, we requested to go to Wat Thmey, which was on our way back to the hotel.

As we all know (or might not know), Cambodia had a terrible time under the Khmer Rouge regime during 1975-1979.

Its distorted ideology on creating a self-sufficient country which solely depend on agriculture by doing whatever that can be done, including murder is just appalling. I mean, how can you justify killing hundreds of innocent people for a more prosperous country?

Who did they think they are? Gods?

Although this memorial might not be as extensive as the ones in Phnom Penh  (i.e. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum), you can still get a glimpse of the harrowing period the country went through.

Looking at those remains in the stupa made me feel sorrowful.

We didn't stay long at the wat though. Our guide sent us back to our hotel, where we washed up and got ready for dinner after a short rest. So happened that while we were aimlessly walking out towards Pub Street for dinner, we chanced upon Genevieve's Restaurant, which according to Tripadvisor, is the numero uno restaurant in Siem Reap.

We ended up eating quite a lot of stuff that night.

appetisers and fried fish with glass noodles

I had the chicken amok

Khmer curry

fish and chips

Then we went to Pub Street (again!) just for a short walk..

Found a stall selling some Buddha statues but I didn't buy any

For the first time we actually did a fish spa because it was nearby the massage place where we dropped by and also our favourite drinking place (mentioned here!).

It was a ticklish affair. LOL.

Of course, ended the night with drinks at our favourite drinking spot! :D

Will resume with my Japan trip post after this! :P

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