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Japan 2012: (Lazy) Last Day in Fukuoka

I think I make the worst tourist ever, especially on my own.

When I get lazy, I tend not to want go anywhere.

If I didn't have to check out early on my last day in Fukuoka, I would have lazed around in bed until it was time to leave for my bus.


As promised, let me show you a little bit of my room in Smile Hakata Hotel during my 3 days-2 nights stay in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka.

I booked my room through, in fact four out of five hotels I stayed in Japan were booked through that website.


My single room cost  9960 yen (inclusive of tax), which is almost RM400. As you can see the bed is a queen-sized one, and it was a decent room for me. The bathroom is quite small though.

I had to get use to the small bathroom, and the bathtub is also small, but I still enjoyed soaking in it after a day of walking around.

dressing/study table

true to its name, the logo of the hotel is a yellow smiley face. list of  locations of the hotel are available here.

stayed on the 7th floor

the only window, the only view, which is not so much of a view

fridge is a must!

i think it's cute how they tried to decorate the ceiling with cut-outs

Check-out was a breeze. I even managed to sent one of my bags (for around RM40?) to my fourth hotel (this is my second one, fyi)! If only I had found out about this luggage-sending service called Takuhaibin earlier! Then I wouldn't have to lug ALL my bags from Osaka to Fukuoka.

Check with your hotel whether they have this service. They will use YAMATO TRANSPORT for it. You can even send your luggage to the airport beforehand! But that has to be done two days prior to your flight. To send luggage to hotels, takes only one day! :O

Checked out at 10 am, and set out to enjoy my last day in Hakata before leaving to Osaka. I was planning on visiting the キャナルシティ (Canal City), a shopping mall, mainly because of the ラーメンジアム (Ramen Stadium) where there are eight ramen shops located on the same floor! Some of the shops will serve ramen from other prefectures, so it's a very good place to be at if you're interested in trying various kinds of ramen. But of course, empty your stomach before going. :P

Funny how it was such a sunny day that I couldn't believe it was raining the first two days I was there.

I dumped my other bags in the locker of Nakasu-Kawabata Station, which was your average-looking locker when I found this awesome one just before going up the escalator of eeny meeny miny mo:

How cool is that?

Walked through KAWABATA, which is a covered shopping street, or shopping arcade.

The sides of the street are lined with various kinds of shop - from clothing stores, souvenir shops and eateries.

was actually aiming for this ramen restaurant, Ichiran Ramen

My initial plan was to eat at Ichiran Ramen and head over to the Canal City to visit the Ramen Stadium for more ramen, but then since I was too hungry I dropped by ACROS Fukuoka and had lunch at Lotteria, one of the fast food chains. I didn't get to try the one in Seoul, so I thought it was a good opportunity to try something from Lotteria.

Lotteria is a fast food chain which is also available in South Korea, and is under the Lotte group. I was drawn to order the エビバーガー (ebi ba-ga- = shrimp burger) after being influenced by the TV which was playing an ad with a girl group promoting the burger.

Now I've only tried shrimp burgers from Wendy's and though I quite like its shrimp burgers, I think Lotteria's wins! The fluffy buns, the perfect shrimp patty which is crispy on the outside with huge shrimps in it and the egg mayo salad.. I was so high on it!

look at the shrimps, look at the egg mayo.. such perfect  combo!

Unfortunately the fried chicken that I took along with my set still loses to KFC's Hot and Spicy Chicken, though I must say that it's better than KFC's Original Recipe Chicken. XP

took the opportunity to download the UVERworld app which is available for download only in Japan
I actually lazed around in Lotteria for quite a while, because I was too full for any ramen. Then I headed to a shopping complex and spent some time buying nonsense in a bookstore called MARUZEN. The same shopping complex had an Ichiran outlet, but I didn't feel comfortable because I had to eat ramen at the counter, so abandoned the plan I did.

Walked back and saw Mister Donut, but then settled for MOS Burger instead, because I wanted to try the famed rice burger.

I went for the モスライスバーガー カルビ焼肉 (mosu-raisu-ba-ga-karubi-yakiniku = Galbi MOS Rice Burger) because.. that was the only one I could read from the menu! Hahahaha.. #epicfail

The sliced beef strips were so so so good! But the rice burger got a bit too much for me, I guess because I was still full? :P

The freakiest thing happened to me at this MOS Burger. I was sitting down, enjoying my food when this old man came in, dressed in baggy slacks and white shirt, with a heavy gold necklace and a cap, y'know, all hip-hop style wtf and looked at me in this very weird way. He went to the counter, before stepping back, looked at me for a long time.

In my heart I started freaking out and started thinking of things I would do/say if he ever tried to do something funny. But then he just said something and went to the counter to order.

Then I realised that he was a 変態 (hentai = pervert), because he went and stood behind the glass section and eyed this one girl in her yukata. He basically leaned and stared at her wtf. I'm not sure if the girl realised because her back was against the glass.

All the time I kept praying that he would stay away from me LOL.

before the hentai incident

I left before he got his order. Hahahaha.

Went back to Nakasu-Kawabata Station and bought a ticket to 博多駅 (Hakata-eki = Hakata Station) to take my bus back to Osaka.

I didn't take a photo of the station but it is HUGE! I didn't venture too deep into the station just in case I get lost, but trust me, if you think KL Sentral is huge, you will be WOW-ed by Hakata Station. It's the main railway terminal in Fukuoka, and even bullet trains stop here!

And there are also shops and restaurants - perfect place to shop for souvenirs I must say, but I find the prices a little bit more expensive.

Had my first Japan Starbucks drink while waiting for my bus. I really need to know what soy milk they used in my iced caramel macchiato because it made my drink ssssooooooo creamy and delicious!

bus parking lot

Bus departed at a little after 10 pm. A little something I put together to show you how the Willer Express bus I sat for my journey to and from Fukuoka.

The Relax-Wide seats are three single seats separated by two aisles - there are only nine seats on the bus, and it's priced a little bit more that the Relax seats. The Relax type are your usual express bus kind, two seats joined together separated by an aisle. I like the seat because it comes with a head cover which you can pull to protect your face/head. Very good for people with "attractive" facial expressions during sleeping. LOL.

There are other type of seats you can select when you choose your destinations, so do check out the website for more info.

Was scheduled to arrived at Osaka Station at 7.50 am the next day!

i have no idea where this is

And I did go down for toilet breaks - twice! I must say their highway R&R stops are impressive. Toilets are huge and sparkling clean! I wish the R&Rs here have the same clean toilets.

That marks the end of my 3day-2nights stay in Fukuoka. I must say I really like Hakata, especially near the seaside. Such a peaceful place!

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