Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Tiger

Dear Tiger,

I didn't expect Mama's decision to take you down and show you to the striped female stray cat (which Lene called gangster cat), to check whether she is your mother marked the end of your stay with us. That fateful day (althought it was only yesterday?) you actually peed a lot for the first time in front of the TV cabinet - one kitchen towel couldn't absorb all, after you mew-ed and mew-ed endlessly (and tried to dig the floor wtf).

We couldn't figure why you continued mewing, I was so frustrated because I thought you were TOO hungry and made decision to cut the nursing bottle tip more, and made a bigger incision at the nipple. And when I shoved it into your mouth, my my you were so excited that you greedily grabbed and clawed at the bottle, pushing my hands away, as if you were starved.

all that is left is a bottle

Glad you had a great drink and a great pee that day.

Dear Tiger,

When you first came, you could barely walk like a normal cat. You were pratically dragging yout back legs.

My two sisters eventually thought you how to walk properly by pushing up your butt, but that made you walk in a very hilarious way, with your butt up, doing a TOO elaborate catwalk.

Bontot tertonggeng, if I should explain in Malay.

Nevermindla as long as you don't drag your back legs anymore.

I love it when you get all excited when I pretended to jog in the living room and you get very excited that you'll try to follow. In a few weeks time I'm pretty sure you'll be able to pounce at any moving objects to your heart's desire.

Dear Tiger,

You left me a nice scratch on the face.

It wasn't deep, only stung when washing.

We never could understand why you were ssssssssooooo obssessed with clawing at our mouths.

But after seeing you with your mommy, with her endless licking, I kind of understood. I think you wanted to be licked/washed. We didn't understand, but if we were to do it our way, it would have involved soap and water.

And I think you're still too young for that.

Dear Tiger,

Personally, I was thankful that you were with us. In that 4 days, eventhough short, you were able to help me destress and deblues myself.

Honestly I was really free of any sort of worries and unhappiness while I was busy tending to your needs.

YOU make me forget all the bad things in my life, and I thank you for that.

Dear Tiger,

Don't ever forget that Papa named you Tiger. We called you by that, and I decided to give you a Chinese/Korean name: Hwang Ji Ni 황진이/黃眞伊, one night while watching Hwangjini on KBS World (btw Ha Ji Won is awesome).

Isn't it awesome that you have OUR surname too?

Don't ever forget that ya?

Dear Tiger,

Stay healthy, don't stray away from your mommy, and we'll always keep a lookout for you.

OH and just in case you can't find your mommy, remember to climb up to level 2, house number C-2-02 ya?

Your nursing bottle will be waiting for you.

We will definitely miss you.


nice to know you.

- Nice to Know You, Incubus

* * *

As of today, we have no idea where Tiger's mommy hid her.


Tiger please be safe.

shot beautifully by Lene


  1. Damn, your post is really touchy wey. TT_TT made me miss Tiger even more. Gosh, i hope she's okay. And now that u mentioned, i realised it too, that she has the same surname with us. :D

  2. I think I'm gonna cry..... TT Waaa haaaa...... T^T

    Tiger-chan, I will miss you too!!!!!! >.<

  3. *sobsob*

    She is TTOO cute...And...OMO~
    I dont know what to say..
    Just like wanna cry~T^T

    Hope she always bless by God~

    By the way..Sorry for the suddenly jumps in~
    recommended by YiZuan aka Raku-chan~XD

  4. Your post T___T

    I read this late.

    Noooo :(

    Tiger is soo cute. Tiger, wherever u are I hope you're doing ok.

    p/s: I hope you're doing ok too :/

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone! :)

    Chuck, I'm okay! Don't worry..

    Anyways, just hope Tiger is always safe and maybe when the mommy lets go of her, we might just take her in again. :D


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