Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Where is Holland?

Heard a super-funny conversation at the post office today, which went a little something like this:-

Man: I would like to send this parcel to Holland.
Woman: Where?
Man: Amsterdam.
Woman: Where is that? Is that a country?
Man: Holland, Holland. Belanda.
Woman: Kat mana tu?
Man: Dekat France. Europe. (i think he was going to laugh)
Woman: *struggling* Mana tuh hah?
Man: Cari Amsterdam, ataupun Holland.
Woman: Hmm. Mana tu? Takde dalam sistem.
Man: *annoyed* Holland, ataupun Netherlands.
Woman: OH! Patutlaaaaaaaa..

=__= Apehal engko?

* * *

I finally cut my hair!

Went to the salon near my place with mom and showed the hairdresser this photo:

hot Ga-In

Asked if she could chopped off my locks like that and she nodded and started snipping away, refering to the photo only like...twice.

And thus this is my current hairstyle inspired by Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls:

Eh I sangat shy2 you all can see my balding spot, but I won't deny that I have some hair issues. Trying to find out what works best for me, before admitting defeat and going to see a doctor for a diagnose.

And I have yet to play around with my hair that much. Sometimes it just ends up flat on my scalp or just plain messy.


Of course lah it will never be the same.

Unless I hire the same hairstylist and make-up artist whom she uses.

Wtf like I want to waste my money.

Oh oh! But I figured the hairstyle looks like Seo In Young (Crown J's 'wife' in We Got Married)'s in the photo below at times!

Seo In Young & Crown J, the Ant couple

* * *

Saranghae (I Love You)

Currently watching Saranghae, which has Hwanhee in it! He plays divorcee and father to a son, Park Byung Ho, who underwent a vasectomy to punish himself after getting another girl pregnant.

So funnylah him. His charismatic image... GONE!!!!!! in this drama.


But I cried when he cried when something happened between him and his son..

Ohmygod sooooo sedeyyyy come here Hwanhee oppa I hug2 you *hugs*


* * *

I passed my PTD exam. ;)

Hope all goes well after this.


  1. so nice, so nice!!! aah! it's the same as ga-in's la lol~ btw, her cool hair IS A WIG. bloody...she admitted it on MNet's Scandal when her bf for the week touched it.

    i wonder if i cut my hair like that if it will turn out like ga-in's too. my fringe...doesn't seem like it'll listen and flow to the slide like that...

  2. OH! *shy2* hope I can manage it well!

    OHMYGOD it's really really a WIG?

    Ish! Damn hebat whoever who made the wig!

    And bf for the week?

  3. nice cut...


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