Thursday, July 09, 2009


After having such miserable few days, the only things that managed to perk me up were a reply from one of the companies I applied for (gotta do some more waiting though), a letter from PTPTN (how the hell can I feel excited about that?) and a letter from SPA, acknowledging my application.

Oh well.

Was quite happy to be able to jalan-jalan yesterday, although I was on my own. Went to Hentian Putra to get bus ticket for my lonely journey to the East Coast (again I need to highlight the fact that I need want a car, but too bad my father doesn't read my blog, owh shucks but nevermind) and walked around in The Mall. It's been ages since I last stepped into that shopping complex. The ice-cream kiosk where my parents would usually treat me and my siblings (pre-Christine era) was not there anymore.

Then I decided to go to Suria KLCC and ohmygosh the place is packed with foreigners! Shopped a little (VERY little I tell you, was low on budget) and spent most of my time reading while sipping on iced kohi.

Note: Vincci was damn packed, MNG is on sale (up to 70%), ISETAN also, nose (20% off). What happened to Tower Records???? It is now Maybank! =O G2000 (men and women) were empty.

It's not that great to be walking around in a mall during the Megasales when you have nothing much in your wallet.


Oh well takpela.

Oh, TGIF's Mocha Mud Pie, I shall never eat you again!

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  1. haih. everytime sale always no money ah..don't know why. XD the money that save up always hilang edi.. ;P like me lar. now need money, baru terhegeh2 nak save money.
    eh eh. TGIF's Mocha Mud Pie not nice ah? I remembered eating it..nice wor..


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