Sunday, March 01, 2009


It's raining very heavily, the first after a few dreadful, hot, sweaty and heaty months of 2009!

Not really the firstla, it started raining a few two early mornings ago, suceeded in waking me up before my desired wake-up time.


I have cravings for these:

- Starbucks' Signature or Caramel Hot Chocolate
- Secret Recipe's Curry Seafood Laksa
- a delicious bowl of curry noodles
- mini cupcakes from d'lish
- honey lemon drink from delicious
- Ipoh chicken rice
- Penang laksa with loads of mackarel (minced)
- miso soup
- Sushi Zanmai's Yakiniku don
- Yoshinoya's food
- A&W fried chicken and nuggets
- KFC's Hot n Spicy Chicken, Toasted Twister and Zinger Burger
- a delicious bowl of tom yam
- Kenny Roger's quarter chicken with 3 side dishes
- chicken soup
- Ayamas black pepper chicken
- Tosei/Roti telur bawang
- Mom's cooking :'(
- banana leaf rice with all the sides
- dry, thick mutton curry
- nasi kandar


I'm hungry I'm so sick of my lab reports I haven't started on my FYP thesis draft I want to go home Everything is driving me crazy

I want HOME.



  1. i'll be waiting for u at home,ween!


  2. Y'know what I'm craving??...


  3. eh, come back!
    got sale all arounddddd =)

    and i have been into make up lately. my salary all go to make up and skincare. haih. expensive hobby.

    apparently fasio mascara quite good, i never use before though. good ah good ah?

    miss you alot alot alot too!

    oye selene!

  4. ohya.
    secret recipe's tomyam is best!!!
    i like. super pedas. after eating, my lips super red and sexy =)

    why that last pic of the hamster, like terjunam into the food bowl wan?
    my hamster gave birth!
    a little white baby =)

  5. Aimi: Aww.. then I shall look forward to going home! :) *hugs*

    Selene: You have cravings for me? I have cravings for you too! *bite chew swallow* yum yum..

    PakWan: Dahling! I miss you! *hugs*

    Uh. I want to shop2. :(

    yalor, so expensive hor our hobbies? my PTPTN also almost blown off for make-up. but i have to buy senyap2, if not kena nag gao gao by EC. :P

    Eh, I'm using Fasio Hyper-Stay Mascara Shock Free in Brown! :D I like it a lot cos it doesn't clump my lashes and the applicator is comb type. mine is waterproof so i'm not sure if the non-waterproof ones are smudgeproof or notla. My friend said Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wings mascara also not bad. The new Maybelline Unstoppable Curly Extension also quite good in terms of giving the length, but curling effect not so lar for me.

    SR's tomyam so so la for me. The KT franchise inconsistent. still prefer the yummy sinful curry seafood laksa! hehe.

    Oh, that hamster is sleeping inside the food tray. I oso dunno why. Like his fetish only. :P

    My hamsters all no more edi. :(


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