Monday, February 02, 2009

The Year of the Ox - Part 1

Hello everyone! I'm back from my break! Chinese New Year (CNY) was quite quiet and tummy-filling! =P I gained 3 kgs in 1 week! =(


Nevermind, I shall proceed to what went through my CNY holiday, which took place in Kelantan.

Two days before..

Took SP Bumi's bus at 10 a.m., and sat beside this over-friendly Chinese lady who could not stop talking about her life the 1st hour of the journey. Thank goodness she got bugged with a tummy ache that made her fall asleep the rest of the journey. Was also annoyed by this dude who sat behind. He couldn't stop shaking his leg when putting on the leg rest, resulting in me getting some light earthquakes. A few glares couldn't stop him. He was lucky that day I pei min to him. If not, sure mendapat malu in front of the girl who was sitting beside him.

The journey was slow. I was scheduled to arrive at the main bus station around 1 p.m., but I arrived almost around 2 p.m.! I didn't know that there were THAT many traffic lights on the road towards Kota Bharu. And the number of cars, ohmygoat..

My uncle and cousin picked me up around 2.30 p.m. and we initially planned to go shopping. However, due to the massive number of cars on the road, we headed back to my maternal grandparents' house.

Me and Carelin

Visited Tesco Kota Bharu for the first time at night, since I wanted to shop, but ended up not buying anything since it was packed. Sigh~

The funny thing about this outlet is, it has separate counters for male and females. Some may find this extreme while others may find it an effective measure to prevent any incident on molesting.

Kaunter Bayaran Wanita


But it's not only in Tesco I think. I once saw it in another supermarket in Kota Bharu too, so I guess it will be a norm in Kelantan.

Eve of CNY

Tried to wake up early since I planned to help prepare the food for morning prayers, ended up waking up an hour later. =P Helped a little here and there before being told to go to my maternal grandparents' house to pray first.

my maternal grandparents' house, viewed from the kampung's main road

Since the food was not ready either, I help folded some hell money to be burnt after the prayers.

Found a very interesting hell bank note.


Made Darren pose for me.

"Beware of my toy alligator!" (the red rubbery thingie in his hands)

"It will bite without mercy!"

Finally Darren hides his alligator to pose properly

After praying, I rushed back to my paternal grandparents' house. Fyi, my two grandparents' houses are separated by a relative's house. Damn near jalan kaki less than 5 minutes can reach. If run in 1 minute also can sampai.

Had some fried wasps, which were crunchily delicious!

At night, we had some prayers too. You see, the one carried out in the day is to offer ancestors some food in conjunction with CNY, and ask for blessings, while at night, it is done for those who passed away unmarried, with no families of their own. Usually done outside of the house.

The kids then started playing firecrackers which annoyed me most of the time, but I guess it's only a once-a-year thingie for them, so might as well just let them enjoy. Visited some relatives before calling it a night.


  1. sounds like you had one hell of a cny!! i was bored half to death. wake up at 11am everyday =.="
    so cool that you have so many 'rituals' to perform for cny. and the fried wasps are a bonus!! eh miss you la..

    p.s. that is one fat baby.

  2. i wish i was in kelantan during cny and meet u,ween!

    u seem like enjoying ur cny soooo much.
    miss u.
    and i miss selene like hell too!

  3. Aww.. I miss both of you too! Should have brought you both along with me during CNY, and you're welcomed anytime to do so! Then we can celebrate bersama-sama!

    p.s. yes, Selene, she's one daym fat baby. everything also eat. regardless if it's edible or not. =P


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