Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the holiday (unofficially) begins!

Since most of my Chinese coursemates have gone back to their respective homes today and some tomorrow.

I do not declare holiday for myself yet since I have a lab report and assignment (uh, so hard) to hand in. Plus, one more class to go tomorrow! =(

Yesterday, after a long long time, the Chineses of my class had dinner in Restoran Ipoh a.k.a. Cheng Cheng, near Sri Malaysia hotel. Will blog about it when I have some pictures since my camera not that canggih to take nice photos at night! Hehehe..

Anyways, I am looking forward for CNY, since I miss my family very much. But I do feel a bit sad for a certain someone who plans to spend his CNY doing his FYP, since he intends not to go back KL.

Poor EC.

If only can take him along with me to Kelantan so that he can enjoy as much budu (a type of fish sauce) as he wants.


I guess I should wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year!

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  1. I feel sad knowing that you miss your family. Family means a lot to me like you. Please do share pictures of your family members too.


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