Saturday, November 24, 2007

The ride home and current boredom

And so i'm bored, therefore i'm going to blog about my ride home from Terengganu 2 days ago and the things i have been doing since i came back.

We left at 10.30 am on the 22nd, and the journey was quite smooth except for the fact that we had some occasional stops since Ernest's radiator was leaking (later he told me that there were actually two leaky places! *gasps*). It didnt rain much, but it poured heavily after Genting Sempah, as if the rain was weloming us home. (=_=!!) We stopped TWICE for McDonald's: Kemaman & Genting Sempah, and had late lunch of stuffed crabs and seafood fried rice in Tong Juan Seafood Restaurant, Kemaman! Yummy!

stuffed crabs! oily but yummy! RM7.00 per crab

stuffed crab with seafood fried rice which costs RM16.00 for four

We reached KL around 9.30 pm, and after sending Siaw Gek home, Ernest wanted to get me my fix of StarbucksBlackberryGreenTeaFrapwitCream that i've been missing so long! So we went to Ukay Perdana: no Starbucks, and although i didn't mind not having the shot that night, he purposely drove to the Great Eastern Mall so that i could get my drink. Unfortunately it was the closing time, and i was too darn tired to do anything else so we headed towards Serdang to send Ken Sheng and then it was my turn to reach home.

And i am glad that i'm home now. But i've been bored.

Yesterday, i followed Pak Wan to get her top that she purchased online and we dragged Wen Zhen out for tea in suchan (near University Hospital). suchan's tiramisu was good, but their apple pie was a so-so for me. The vanilla ice-cream that came with the pie was quite nice although there were some icy parts in it. And their iced cafe mocha is so not nice! - bluerh -

And today, i was too darn bored til i had to hand-wash my own clothes to amuse myself.

Nah, i'm just kidding. The washing machine broke down and some part went for fixing (the part just came back, and the fella is fixing it back into the machine), so i didn't mind hand-washing my own clothes since i'm used to it.

I'm going to sort out my Japanese mags, cos i plan to sell some of them off. Will be posting it up once i'm done sorting so if anybody's interested, you can just e-mail me, k?

signing off now.. tata~

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