Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Missing out

And so i sacrificed and am missing out on some Langkawi actions with my uni girlfriends.

Sending them off yesterday night was painful (macam nak berpisah pulak!) because i really wanted to go. I was so sad that i couldn't explain their plans to my mom.

I really wanted to go. And i hope that they're having fun right now. And safe.

So me and Ernest had an outing with them before they left. We went to pick up San San and Yng Jiun who arrived around 1.30 pm in the Puduraya bus station, and Ernest drove them around, proudly showing his Methodist Boys School, Tupai-Tupai (some restaurant apparently famous for Malay food til Siti Nurhaliza came after their closing time to avoid the public) and we stopped by the Merdeka Stadium since i saw some poster of the TVXQ concert.

It was just a seating poster. =P

Then we went to Midvalley Megamall and had our lunch in Kim Gary since both the girls have not tried the food there yet. It was 3-sumthing pm. Then we went walking around before proceeding to The Gardens, which was quite a depressing place for me since i figured out that i couldn't afford anything from there.
So high-class wan you know..
We had our tea in Cafe 31. Yup, it's none other than Baskin Robbins cafe, where they served extra special sweet thingies besides their normal scoops of ice-cream.

San San, Yng Jiun and a part of WeeN!

Ernest happily had his Affogato (espresso poured onto a cup of ice-cream which was placed on a burner) while i had the chocolate cooler (blended chocolate ice-cream, definitely NOT worth it) and the four of us shared scoops of Twinberry Chessecake (try! try! this one quite nice!) and Maui Brownie Madness (rich, chocolate taste, but can make you jelak after so much).

my benefits from the jog i had earlier in the morning totally hancur

That was 6 pm to 7 pm.

And we zoomed to Puduraya to meet Yen Lin, Mun Yee and Bee Kee for dinner in Kenny Roger's where we waited almost for a freaking hour for our freaking food! Bad management i tell you.. Roti bangla busuk! The girls had to gobble up with their food since their bus was at 9.30 pm and i tell you i've never ate so fast in my whole entire life!

the darlings.. almost mati kelaparan but still can pose for the camera! >_<

Bangla Kenny Rogers Puduraya! Don wan go there anymore! Hmmmppppph!

But the best part of the night must have been sending the girls off, cos they called right after their depature and individually thanked me for sending them (almost wanted to cry that time). I think they knew that i really wanted to go but my financial conditions are not at the top.

So.. kesian saya.

Nevermindla, looking forward to the Taiping trip in December! =D

OH.. after that went yam cha in Kota Damansara with Teik Keen and Wai Loon.

Those two emo fellas. *sigh*

Lama tak jumpa.


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