Friday, September 21, 2007

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Miyamori!

Orange Range bassist Yoh (23) got married in June, it was revealed recently. His new wife is a fellow native of Okinawa and is five months pregnant

Do you know how shocked i was when i was told Yoh got married and he's gonna be a father soon?

Definitely VERY SHOCKED.

For i was being ignorant about my favourite band, i was not aware of the news(or the lack of it) on them. So when oasis told me this, i almost fainted!

Not really.

I guess this just proves that celebrities have normal lives to. He, a bassist of one of the most successful bands in Japan, despite being busy and having a hectic schedule, fell in love and got married.



I'm happy for himla. Hope everything goes well and the baby (or babies!) will come out healthy!


*creds to oasis and*

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