Monday, June 18, 2007

To be or not to be..


Someone sent me a forwarded message which goes like this:

Happiness is never lost, if you know where to look for it
It's always in Hearts.

I believe in choosing my own happiness.
I believe that you are the only one capable of making yourself happy, by making all the right choices which will lead to your happiness.

And yeah. I chose to be happy with the current situation that i'm in now, eventhough in the long run, i might end up getting my heart broken.

Short term : HAPPINESS
Long term : BROKEN HEART a.k.a. UNKNOWN

But why do i still feel like i'm being one of the stupidest girls in this whole wide world?

I'm troubled. But i'm don't want to admit that i'm troubled. Yet.

Teik Keen, i wan to go yam chaaaaarrrrr.... *faints due to the lack of yam chas in my life*

Been doing some thinking lately, and i might end up quitting Taekwondo in uni cos it's been an emotional rollercoaster being in that club! Was thinking that i shouldn't be focusing only on one thing for these 3 years, should go and learn some new things so i won't get bored with my life, rite? But then again, i might be wronglah.. Somehow i tend to make wrong decisions these days..

3 more episodes of BLOOD+ to go before it ends and i move on to Death Note back again! I think i might just buy the OST one day.. since it's like around RM20.00 only.. but then again..

And, yes.. Malaysia IS on sale. But i walked past nose yesterday in Midvalley Megamall but there wasn't any SALEs banners or anything in it.. I need some new pair of heels.. preferrably from Blay actually.. but they're so expensive! *cries*

I want to go shopping! But i'm broke.. *waterfall tears*

I need a rich man in my life.

Har Har.

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    Aiyo... just because u wanna try something else doesn't mean u have to quit something ur doing right now maa... do both la. So means u'll be joining....? silat? XDXD

    Heh... and in Malaysia, having a SALE means that they give u the NORMAL price instead of the CRAZY MARKED UP ECONOMICALLY IMPOSSIBLE price that they normally put.

    That's y we can afford to have so many sales in Malaysia and so often too. XDXD


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