Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lazy bum!


I've been blaming laziness for the lack of postings nowadays, when in fact my mind got TOO occupied with a fellow homo sapien.


Anyways, Selene left for Glasgow yesterday.


This is so unbelievable! One of my closest friends since Form 1 is gone! Well, not gonela.. though one year's not THAT long, especially when you look at how my 1 year in uni passed just like *snaps finger* that!

Well, i hope the best for Selene, and i know she will survive like how Pak Wan dearest is surviving in Sheffield, and she's coming back in July! Yay! Yay!

Me and the future pharmacist!

Unofficial Orange Range webbie? Hahaha.. Thank you Teik Keen!

Anyways, dunno how's my oranges are doin nowadays? Sad.. Sad.. but havent been bothering bout them that much these days due to some reasons *ahem* ish..ish..

Our Prime Minister is getting married!!! Congrats, Pak Lah!!! May you and Jeanne live happily ever after!


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  1. Hey, kalau dah tak mau oren-oren tu, bagi saya. Saya buat jus!



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