Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hanging on...

Hope that 2007 has been a wonderful year so far for you and i wish you all the happiness in this world! Keep on rockin' and hopefully i'll get to see you and your bandmates one day! Take care! *muaks* and i LOVE you!!! =P

So yesterday Naoto turned 24. And today i found out that Fang got to shake Hiroki's hand. I'm so happy for her!!!! But of course, i can't help feeling jealous that i want to cry so badly..

*screams* I want to see Orange Range!!!!!!!!

I'm still stuck in uni, and it'll be another 8 days til we athletes leave for Penang for the Malaysian Universities Games.. so, i'm training hard, can say hardla.. got a few bruises here and there and how my emotions got challenged once in a while.. but thank goodness i have yet to put up my white flag.. if not ah.. everything will be wasted!

Thank goodness for that certain lil boy who have been messaging me daily.. if not.. i would have ran home.. HAHA!!! Thank you dear..

*listening to Orange Range's SAYONARA, missing oranges like crazy*

I'm okay. I'm okay.

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  1. heyz,
    all the best for MASUM ok? i know you've been training so hard cos i've seen you train with my own eyes. i still don't get why you like sparing so much but SO WHAT THE HECK.

    go kick those butts in penang OK?


    i'll be cheering you on from kuching. hee~

    btw, you don't have my new hp no. do you?


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