Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BZ bees

LoOks like i haven't been posting for quite a while eh?

I've been busy-ing myself with nonsenses, and emo issues.


And the fact that this freakin' uni blocks Friendster bugs me like nobody's business.

Anyways, things to look forward to before Chinese New Year include:

a) Shopping
b) Karnival Tunas Harapan MSN 2007 (i'm gonna be one of the referees!!!)
c) preparing/planning for the opening & closing ceremony for the WPC Chinese New Year nite!

Oh, and my new ORANGE RANGE CD is on the way home. I can't wait to get my hands on it!!!!

The fact that i did NOT bring my Orange Range DVDs along this time had made me a little.. lonely these days.. apart from some emo issues of missing home and urm.. life issues..

January will come to an end soOn, and i feel that the time is passing TOO FAST.


I wish the time would just stop for a while.

Sounds familiar, innit?

PAH! I miss these fellas.. and the other 3. And the other long lost one. Haih.

*Rajio Contacto piccu*

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