Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Can't Sleep, Can't Eat, I'm HOMEsick..

I'm more homesick than i thought..

With all this depressing issue of Orange Range releasing a single called Sayonara, which sparked of rumours of them might be breaking up and causing me to lose my sense of life and crushing my heart (though it has yet to be confirmed and furthermore the song is used in a Japanese drama Teppan Girl Akane), it seems that it is not the end of them, and therefore i shall not be worrying my ass off (and worrying other people, sorry Yuen, i'm fine but a little scared).. Oh, and i've heard snippets of the track and it almost made me cry again.. ='(

I'm not really fond of Ryo's hair here.. but he's fully blonde nowadays anyways.. and Yoh *sigh* He needs a haircut..

Anyways, their Natural tour DVD has already been released.. Omedeto, boys! Can't wait for mine! So far i have been told by my sis that my Un Rock Star and maybe Champione are in the hands of Sabrina, waiting for me to go and get them, but i shall wait when this semester finishes and til i get the DVD and Sayonara too.

But i'm not gonna count my lucky stars too soon, cos i sent an e-mail to Fang, regarding the whole rumour, and her reply made me feel.. uneasy.

I'll just pray that it's not the end for them.. for if it is.. well, let's just say i won't be happy for a very llllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooonnnnnggggggggggggg...while

A bit immature, ain't i?

Show off!

A scanned pic of me and my coursemates.. quality's not so good but we look smashingly good! ^^

After the prize-giving ceremony for winning the female basketball match.. =P

Okay, so i don't look homesick. But i definitely positively am homesick. It's not that i hate this place.. gosh i have really great friends and i'm doing okay with my studies.. but at times.. i just wish the time would just stop passing and for the world to just stop spinning. I need time to think. I need some ME time. I need to think about ME, ME and ME.

I am so selfish.

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